Monday, May 17, 2010

The Reality of Placing a Human in the Virtual Realm

Although a relatively short and sweet clip delving into the study of human reactions within a virtual environment I had very mixed opinion about this apparent breakthrough in relation to the test subject identifying, and hence, figuratively speaking of course,  putting themselves in the virtual woman's shoes. I believe in the revelation that providing external stimuli in coherence with the virtual test subject's experience of events does help the test subject relate more to his/her character and effectively feel as if they themselves are being replicated. This however is not mind boggling or new as any Second Life resident whom chooses to replicate themselves in their avatar will tell you they feel an attachment.

What did confuse me is the analysis of the increase in heart rate a majority of test subjects experienced when the girl was slapped and the scene was viewed from a third person perspective. I believe that in any situation, you as a normal, fully functional reader would in some way produce a measurable reaction to a girl being slapped. I don't believe this is a direct result of being positioned within the girls "body" however they should of noted if experiencing the girls perspective before being slapped maybe heightened or broadened the reaction.

Anyways in conclusion i think its magnificent these kind of scientific experiments are being undertaken as they confirm what most of us know already, virtual reality just seems as an extension of our own reality.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The metaRL

free imvu credits

Now the metaRL is a cool little initiative that allows you to participate in fun little games, out-sourced surveys, tasks and competitions all in the bid to earn metaPoints (mP). Mp's are then converted and transferred into practically any form of virtual currency you can imagine, however concentrating on SL we confirm that 100mP is worth 25 Lindens.

As i am a new member of this organisation I have not quite made a fortune, but so far the games have been fun, the tasks such as break the safe tricky and the daily competitions and raffles a blast. As i cant see metaRL as a million dollar time investment I can see its cash flow as a steady and gradually increasing venture.

So! Join me at metaRL and lets continue to make money in Second Life.

(Update coming soon)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Notorious Adfusion Board

The Adfusion Board is an Slbiz (Associate of Earn2life) initiate that literally places you with an interactive board that advertises businesses and regions selected by Slbiz. When a resident sees you sporting this very fashionable get-up and clicks the adboard they are sent a landmark detailing the advertised region and hence its up to them whether or not to check in for a visit.

You earn on a per click basis and pay rates on the different ads vary. You are able to view updated statistics on how many people have seen you wearing your board and how many residents have clicked on it.

Receiving an adfusion board requires an earn2life account, creating an account is detailed here. It is then as simple as picking the board up from the Earn2life headquarters in vargas and your away. Utilising this adboard however is a completely different issue. It is crucial you do not openly ask residents to click your board or subtly force it upon them. This can result in a loss of earnings and an account ban. Furthermore some business owners hate these devices with a passion and you will usually be asked to remove the adboard or risk getting kicked out of a region and banned. Sometimes you wont even receive warning. Also you cannot complete Earn2life employment offers while wearing this device, this is enforced by the inability to turn on the HUD. As always in Second Life, treat people as you would like to be treated because you don't know what the consequences can be if you get on a residents bad side!

Personally I love this device as it compliments earnings while camping or waiting around idly. As seen below it can be moved around your person to better fit into the surrounding environment and a notice can be put on top of the board advising residents it is an advertisement. Although my earnings per day from the adfusion board have been from one end of the spectrum to the other, I find its simplicity of design, reliable workings and hands free approach very attractive.

Create an account with Earn2life today and reap the benefits of all the adfusion board has to offer!

The Elusive Camping Spot

Camping within Second Life is probably the one profitable venture which does not require any skill or talent. As a result it is the lowest paid and L$100 a day is a very optimistic. Camping as a loose definition within the virtual world refers to transporting your avatar within a defined area for a continuous amount of time, hence increasing a regions traffic and funneling others to its goodies. Camping has spawned a number of devices such as the sploder that work on the same principle, however more on that later.

A typical camping spot pays around 2L$/15 minutes. This varies greatly and to quickly attract traffic a land owner may pay a ridiculous sum per minute for a short period. The actual act of camping usually requires you to log into a device, for example the Camp Master (pictured below) and as anti-bot protection press a pop-up button every so often. Most devices also implore you to remain active and not idle or away. Another common requirement is for you to join a group or participate within the region in some way, for example if you are roleplaying, camping devices can be utilised as wage instruments.

 Camping spots are far and in-between, popping up and disappearing regularly. Easiest way to locate them is to conduct a search or to join a Camp Discovering Group.

Camping etiquette is quite important and should be observed. A friendly and funny nature will make the time go faster and humorous clothes or devices are appreciated. Do not encourage lag with massive avatars or dragon effects, remove inactive HUDs and tasteless or inappropriate props or costumes only offend people and get you banned from regions. Furthermore its also much appreciated when fellow campers share active spots, tips and tricks.

All in all camping is a very reliable, secure and time consuming activity to earn your lindens, however I find it is best for times when you are away from keyboard (AFK) or busy doing other things and your avatar is best left sitting around. Many people view camping as a waste of time, the low income to time rates can be seen as a net-loss due to the internet use costing more than what you are earning Linden wise, but if you need the money and there is no other way, why not?

(Pictured above is the institution named The House of Rama, easily found through the search engine and always attracting visitors. You can access to the Camp Master you must play Tiny Empires and show up in his down-line, it is all explained when you get there)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Earn2Life - Your first job in Second Life

Earn2life was established in January of 2007, striving to provide new and old residents alike the opportunity to participate in a viable part-time employment that shot them all over Second Life and was overly simplistic in its interface and use. Earn2life also introduced residents to online surveys of which paid out very reasonable sums of Lindens for their completion. The service Earn2life provides to its customers, usually business's or real estate agents, is an increased advertising presence and a direct increase in traffic to the region. Hence this is the job of Earn2Life's employees.

(If you want to skip the explanation and benefits and get straight to earning then click this Link, then the big red "sign up" button)

Online web offers being pretty self explanatory, the main guts of Earn2life are located in what is referred to as offers. These offers are sent to you via the heads up display (HUD) device pictured below.
As the picture shows there are two kinds of others, Pay4Visit and Pay4Picks.

Pay4Visit offers involve being teleported to an area of which you you must walk around in for a specific amount of time, usually between 2-5 minutes. This is where the direct increase in traffic occurs. After you have completed your offer your earnings are automatically deposited in your Earn2life account. The instructions of how to complete a Pay4Visit offer are detailed below.

The Pay4Pick offers however work on the principle that people will see the region in your picks section, and traffic will be increased by these people visiting the region because of you. Similar to Pay4Visit offers you are teleported to a region, of which you simply add the area to your pics section and click done. You are paid between $L15-75 after the server has checked the picks are sufficiently located and the time you must keep these pics varies between 1-3 months. Inability to verify a pic or removal of the pic will result in a fine. Detailed instructions are again provided below.

Furthermore an efficient apprentice system offers participants a 10% commission on anyone they refer to join Earn2life. Other ways you can profit from Earn2life include gaining employment as a sales representative, a support staff, a wiki editor or a moderator. So basically the earning potential is down to the level of effort you are willing to put into the system as well as how far you can get involved.

Joining Earn2life is a simple matter of registering over the website. Click this link - Earn2Life - to take you to the main page, from which you click the big red "sign up" button in the top right.

As a member of Earn2Life for over a year I can personally vouch for the reliability, security and hassle free nature of this company. There support is excellent and their pay rates even better! So give it a go, it wont take you longer than five minutes to get going and start making money in Second Life today!!

-- Vandei Warilard --