Thursday, May 13, 2010

Earn2Life - Your first job in Second Life

Earn2life was established in January of 2007, striving to provide new and old residents alike the opportunity to participate in a viable part-time employment that shot them all over Second Life and was overly simplistic in its interface and use. Earn2life also introduced residents to online surveys of which paid out very reasonable sums of Lindens for their completion. The service Earn2life provides to its customers, usually business's or real estate agents, is an increased advertising presence and a direct increase in traffic to the region. Hence this is the job of Earn2Life's employees.

(If you want to skip the explanation and benefits and get straight to earning then click this Link, then the big red "sign up" button)

Online web offers being pretty self explanatory, the main guts of Earn2life are located in what is referred to as offers. These offers are sent to you via the heads up display (HUD) device pictured below.
As the picture shows there are two kinds of others, Pay4Visit and Pay4Picks.

Pay4Visit offers involve being teleported to an area of which you you must walk around in for a specific amount of time, usually between 2-5 minutes. This is where the direct increase in traffic occurs. After you have completed your offer your earnings are automatically deposited in your Earn2life account. The instructions of how to complete a Pay4Visit offer are detailed below.

The Pay4Pick offers however work on the principle that people will see the region in your picks section, and traffic will be increased by these people visiting the region because of you. Similar to Pay4Visit offers you are teleported to a region, of which you simply add the area to your pics section and click done. You are paid between $L15-75 after the server has checked the picks are sufficiently located and the time you must keep these pics varies between 1-3 months. Inability to verify a pic or removal of the pic will result in a fine. Detailed instructions are again provided below.

Furthermore an efficient apprentice system offers participants a 10% commission on anyone they refer to join Earn2life. Other ways you can profit from Earn2life include gaining employment as a sales representative, a support staff, a wiki editor or a moderator. So basically the earning potential is down to the level of effort you are willing to put into the system as well as how far you can get involved.

Joining Earn2life is a simple matter of registering over the website. Click this link - Earn2Life - to take you to the main page, from which you click the big red "sign up" button in the top right.

As a member of Earn2Life for over a year I can personally vouch for the reliability, security and hassle free nature of this company. There support is excellent and their pay rates even better! So give it a go, it wont take you longer than five minutes to get going and start making money in Second Life today!!

-- Vandei Warilard --


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