Friday, May 14, 2010

Notorious Adfusion Board

The Adfusion Board is an Slbiz (Associate of Earn2life) initiate that literally places you with an interactive board that advertises businesses and regions selected by Slbiz. When a resident sees you sporting this very fashionable get-up and clicks the adboard they are sent a landmark detailing the advertised region and hence its up to them whether or not to check in for a visit.

You earn on a per click basis and pay rates on the different ads vary. You are able to view updated statistics on how many people have seen you wearing your board and how many residents have clicked on it.

Receiving an adfusion board requires an earn2life account, creating an account is detailed here. It is then as simple as picking the board up from the Earn2life headquarters in vargas and your away. Utilising this adboard however is a completely different issue. It is crucial you do not openly ask residents to click your board or subtly force it upon them. This can result in a loss of earnings and an account ban. Furthermore some business owners hate these devices with a passion and you will usually be asked to remove the adboard or risk getting kicked out of a region and banned. Sometimes you wont even receive warning. Also you cannot complete Earn2life employment offers while wearing this device, this is enforced by the inability to turn on the HUD. As always in Second Life, treat people as you would like to be treated because you don't know what the consequences can be if you get on a residents bad side!

Personally I love this device as it compliments earnings while camping or waiting around idly. As seen below it can be moved around your person to better fit into the surrounding environment and a notice can be put on top of the board advising residents it is an advertisement. Although my earnings per day from the adfusion board have been from one end of the spectrum to the other, I find its simplicity of design, reliable workings and hands free approach very attractive.

Create an account with Earn2life today and reap the benefits of all the adfusion board has to offer!


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