Sunday, May 16, 2010

The metaRL

free imvu credits

Now the metaRL is a cool little initiative that allows you to participate in fun little games, out-sourced surveys, tasks and competitions all in the bid to earn metaPoints (mP). Mp's are then converted and transferred into practically any form of virtual currency you can imagine, however concentrating on SL we confirm that 100mP is worth 25 Lindens.

As i am a new member of this organisation I have not quite made a fortune, but so far the games have been fun, the tasks such as break the safe tricky and the daily competitions and raffles a blast. As i cant see metaRL as a million dollar time investment I can see its cash flow as a steady and gradually increasing venture.

So! Join me at metaRL and lets continue to make money in Second Life.

(Update coming soon)


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