Monday, May 17, 2010

The Reality of Placing a Human in the Virtual Realm

Although a relatively short and sweet clip delving into the study of human reactions within a virtual environment I had very mixed opinion about this apparent breakthrough in relation to the test subject identifying, and hence, figuratively speaking of course,  putting themselves in the virtual woman's shoes. I believe in the revelation that providing external stimuli in coherence with the virtual test subject's experience of events does help the test subject relate more to his/her character and effectively feel as if they themselves are being replicated. This however is not mind boggling or new as any Second Life resident whom chooses to replicate themselves in their avatar will tell you they feel an attachment.

What did confuse me is the analysis of the increase in heart rate a majority of test subjects experienced when the girl was slapped and the scene was viewed from a third person perspective. I believe that in any situation, you as a normal, fully functional reader would in some way produce a measurable reaction to a girl being slapped. I don't believe this is a direct result of being positioned within the girls "body" however they should of noted if experiencing the girls perspective before being slapped maybe heightened or broadened the reaction.

Anyways in conclusion i think its magnificent these kind of scientific experiments are being undertaken as they confirm what most of us know already, virtual reality just seems as an extension of our own reality.


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